Navy Swimming Pool Zeebrugge

swimming pool swimming pool swimming pool swimming pool swimming pool swimming pool
Location Zeebrugge
Start and end year 2016-2018
Builder Department of Defence Belgium
Status executed
In collaboration Complete study as part of a Design&Build commission by the Department of Defence to THV Artes-Depret/Fabricom

The swimming pool is located on the navy base in the harbour and is part of a larger sports complex including a sports hall, a day care centre and the offices of the navy sports department.

The concrete structural elements of the swimming pool show serious degradation by the influence of chlorides, so that a thorough renovation is necessary. At the same time the current technical installation is substituted since its service life is coming to an end. It is decided to demolish the existing swimming pool hall and to rebuild it. This proves to be a more durable solution in view of the identified damage on the structural elements.

Although the existing volume is torn down the new swimming pool is roughly a copy of the existing one. The footprint, the structural composition, the main dimensions and the modulation of the existing swimming pool are incorporated in the new design.

The glass façade faces south again to take advantage of the heat gains, but to avoid overheating and glare the new glass façade is provided with different types of solar reflecting high efficiency glass. In this way the construction of expensive passive outdoor awning can be avoided.

The designers proposed to construct a façade of white extruded bricks, to create a rigid, fresh and contemporary building volume in addition to the existing buildings. This proposal was approved by the Department of Heritage. A combination of matted and glazed bricks is used to evoke a kind of twinkling on the façade similar to the one on a water surface.

The used architectural finishings and materials are in accordance with the ruling regulations (Vlarem II, EPB…) and environmental classifications (inside and outside). To meet with the acoustic demands the ceilings and walls higher than 3m are provided with cement-bonded wood fiber panels which have excellent sound absorbing qualities.

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