Central bicycle and moped storage Volvo Car Gent, Ghent

Location Ghent
Start and end year 2018-2019
Builder Volvo Car Gent
Website www.volvocargent.be

The planned redesign of the cycle path on the Volvo Car Gent site should offer a comfortable solution for VCG employees who come to work by bicycle or moped.

In addition to a new cycle path that connects to the new R4 complex, a new design of a central bicycle and moped shed is integrated. The new covered bicycle parking will accommodate 416 bicycles and 78 mopeds.

The bicycle parking is constructed as a steel structure, mounted on a new polished concrete floor slab. Wooden beams support the continuous polycarbonate light lines.

The outer walls are fitted with aluminum frames with infill metal, mounted side by side with a small joint to form a simple, rhythmic façade with a very slender semi-transparent volume.

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