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Building Site Ridefort, Oostkamp

The renovation and extension of the sports and culture site Ridefort in Oostkamp will soon be completed.
The project entails the renovation of the existing sports hall and the extension of the changing rooms, a new canteen with sanitary facilities, a new semi-subterranean multifunctional hall with retractable seating system and movable stage, new rooms for the art school, a caretaker’s house and the renovation of a listed building into an after-school day care centre.
The different new volumes were built around the existing sports hall into a compact whole. Between the existing library and the new multifunctional hall located on a semi-subterranean level to minimize its visual and acoustic impact on the surroundings, there is also a semi-subterranean patio away from the street. The car park was moved to the back of the site to avoid hassle for the neighbours.
For the renovation of the sports hall a new ventilation and heating system was installed with air ducts made of fabric.
The works on the technical installations were phased to guarantee the use of the showers and heating during the works.

(in collaboration with Technum)