Signum genomineerd voor de Bentley Building Awards in de categorie ‘BIM for Building Engineering’

Nike Strategy 3 European Warehouse Extension

At the Nike warehouse project site in Belgium, the space is rather complex, including running conveyors, moving trucks, cranes, technical utilities, and a lot more. Through its use of 3D visualization tools, Signum is better able to more quickly and easily share project details and clearly communicate with all parties involved, as well as analyze possible collisions and optimize accessibility of installations and their maintenance. During the construction phase, this helps keep problems in the field to a minimum and creates a good base for effectively managing the facility throughout its lifecycle.

Signum’s use of Bentley 3D building information modeling allows it not only to have the exact synchronized view on quantity take-offs, but also to generate precise drawings at any time. Since projects can consist of great volumes of drawings, this is an undeniable advantage. With tight budget and time constraints, Signum cannot consider reworking manually in 2D all the drawing sets with every change, revision, and modification in the project.

Coordination, simulation, and visualization offer even greater benefits. The 3D visualization tools help provideg clear communication with all parties, and also help in analyzing possible collisions and optimizing accessibility of installations and their maintenance.