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First Office Building in Belgium with Slimline Floor System

The new TMVW building in Ghent is the first office complex in Belgium which has a Slimline floor system: a smart, light and slim combination of ceiling, installation area and top floor.

By using the Slimline system spans of over 16 meter could be realized within the steel construction. According to Donald Desmet of signum+ architects a considerate advantage:

“Due to these large spans we keep sixteen meter column-free. This leaves us an enormous freedom of design and use. Moreover the span allows us to integrate the technical installations for cooling and heating in the floor. As a consequence an important reduction in building height could be realized. In this application Slimline fits the cradle-to-cradle idea.”

Due to the large spans an extremely flexible layout is obtained. Since all walls are movable the layout of the existing area can easily be rearranged. As a consequence the multifunctional character lengthens the service life of the building.